Frequently asked questions

  1. What type of leases do you offer?
    1. We do monthly leases unless by request.
    2. We require 30 days written notice to us before somebody decides to move out.
  2. Do you give back deposits put down on the rental unit?
    1. We give back the full deposit amounts when somebody moves out of the unit for the following conditions.
      1. The unit is in the same condition as when they moved in.
      2. Sufficient notice of termination of the lease has been given to us.
      3. There are no outstanding balances the tenant owes the landlord.
  3. Do you allow pets?
    1. All pets require approval before they are allowed into the rental unit.
  4. What salary is required to rent from you?
    1. You must make at least 3 times as much each month as the monthly rent.
    2. For example, if rent is $400, you must have $1200 gross income each month.
  5. What should I do if I cannot pay all of my rent when it is due?
    1. Contact us to see if some temporary arrangement can be reached.
  6. Can I sublet my apartment?
    1. No, not without our authorization. Contact us and we will review the situation.
  7. Can I use my deposit for the last month's rent?
    1. No, it is a security deposit.
  8. What maintenance am I responsible for in my apartment?
    1. You're responsible for minor things such as replacing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries. You also need to report major problems, e.g. water leaks, to us.
  9. I want to move my friend in with me. Can I do this?
    1. No, your rental agreement stipulates who are the legal occupants. Check with us about adding new tenants to the rental agreement.
  10. My wages have garnishments, can I still rent from you?
    1. No, we no longer rent to people that have garnishments on their wages.